Essential Phone gets Feb confidence patch right on time

Everyone waxes lyrical about what a Essential Phone offers and one of those things is many really a fast confidence and OS updates. Right on cue, a Essential Phone has also perceived a February security patch many during a same time as Pixel devices.

All whopping 42 bug fixes that were partial of a security patch for Pixel phones are benefaction here. Although we might never see an Essential Phone 2 or any other Essential-branded smartphone hardware, their refurbish report is many really to be envied — even if a controversy surrounding a Andy Rubin startup many really is not.

Announced around a roughly low central Essential Twitter account. This refurbish will ascent inclination to build PQ1A.190105.014 should we still be regulating or even possess an Essential Phone.

This confidence refurbish addresses a “critical confidence disadvantage in Framework that could concede a remote assailant regulating a specifically crafted PNG record to govern capricious formula within a context of a absolved process”, among other bugs.

The Feb confidence patch is rolling out now around an OTA so it’s value checking manually if we haven’t already perceived this notification. Or alternatively, the full download and OTA links for a Feb confidence patch are below. If we need help, check out the guides on how to flash a factory or OTA image.

February 2019 Release | Pie 9 – P Release 7 – PQ1A.190105.014

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