Essential Phone gets hold scrolling improvements, fingerprint …

During a Reddit AMA progressing this month, a Essential group discussed some of a stream problems confronting a Essential Phone, and a improvements that were entrance up. Among them was a repair for a hold emanate that causes a stumble when scrolling, as good as finger gestures for use with a fingerprint scanner.

With a nimble 75 MB refurbish now rolling out, Essential seems to be creation good on a promises. The update, that facilities build series NMJ20D, delivers a aforementioned optimizations and is pronounced to be attack inclination right now (according to Droid Life). In further to a approaching upgrades, Essential has also rolled out a Oct Android confidence updates — including a patch for a recently detected KRACK exploit — and ubiquitous opening improvements and bug fixes.

Essential Phone now labelled during $499, prior buyers get a $200 ‘friends and family’ code

As for when a device will see Android Oreo, Essential has reliable that it’s in progress, yet we’re still watchful on a beta to arrive. In a aforementioned AMA, a Essential Team pronounced that a open Oreo beta was “several weeks” away. That was 3 weeks ago, so it could arrive any time now; judging by a delays we’ve already seen during Essential, we wouldn’t be astounded if this was still some ways away, though.

Look out for the NMJ20D refurbish nearing to your Essential Phone soon.

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