Essential Phone is removing a ‘high-end’ audio appendage with a headphone jack

While copiousness of smartphone facilities have been sunsetted on a approach to thinner profiles and sexier bezels, nothing have garnered a madness of consumers utterly as most as a dismissal of a aged and renowned 3.5mm headphone jack.

Apple was early to mattock a port, and while Andy Rubin’s Essential followed suit, a lot of consumers took emanate with a move. Essential seems to be holding those complaints and funneling them into a “high end” audio appendage that will embody a headphone jack for a device and will insert to a captivating appendage connector.

Though there have been some rumblings, in a Reddit AMA with Andy Rubin and others from Essential, a group reliable that a appendage was actively in development.

We are underneath growth on a series of Click Connector accessories. The initial accessible should be a charging dock. We are also actively building a high finish audio appendage to support a 3.5mm jack. We are stability to demeanour during ancillary ideas, like cameras.

The phone already comes with a USB-C to 3.5mm dongle in a box, so it’s not wholly transparent what will be high-end about a adapter, yet one would assume it will container a nicer DAC and other audio acclimatisation tech so a PonoMusic lovers of a universe can have a mobile device that fits their audiophilic needs.

The group dug low into some some-more of a logic behind removing absolved of a jack in a initial place. Unsurprisingly it had a lot to do with a member Tetris compulsory to fit in a “bezel-less” display.

Headphone jacks are flattering large components and they don’t play good with all-screen Phone architectures. We complicated it really seriously, though wise a headphone jack into a Phone compulsory tradeoffs we were worried with. We’d have grow a outrageous “chin” in a arrangement and revoke a battery ability by 10%, or we’d need a outrageous headphone bump! We motionless it was some-more critical to have a pleasing full-screen arrangement in a skinny device with plain battery life. Then we done certain we to build ya’ll a high-quality DAC in a little adapter that can elegantly live on your headphones.

No recover date was given for a high-end audio accessory, though a association pronounced they are actively contrast prototypes.

The Essential Phone only went on sale during Sprint stores today, where it retails for $700.

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