Essential Phone No Longer Requires Whitelist for Full Screen Apps; Asks Developers to Update Apps

Essential launched a Essential Phone with a bezel-less design, strangely fixation a front-facing camera in what would be a centre of a standing bar on a screen. This meant that a shade would clearly have a hole cut in it, and users were disturbed that it would spin out to be distracting or demeanour ugly.

Thankfully that isn’t a case, and it seems to work excellent in practice. However, Essential limited a ability for applications to enter fullscreen mode to usually a tiny set of apps on a whitelist combined by Essential themselves. Their logic behind this whitelist was that if an focus enters fullscreen mode, afterwards tools of a UI and a elements will be cut off if a developer did not comment for it using on a Essential Phone.

Their logic does make clarity for a many part, though it also creates problems for apps such as Nova Launcher that could not enter fullscreen mode and compulsory involvement from Essential to work as expected. As an enthusiast, we can also add your possess applications to a whitelist if we wanted to bypass this limitation. But fixation this con on a finish user did seem like a counterintuitive plan for a new company.

Now, however, it seems that Essential has corroborated down on restraint applications from entering fullscreen mode if they wish, instead opting to concede a focus to control either or not it enters fullscreen mode on a Essential. This leaves it adult to developers to make a decision, definition users can now news issues to a app developers rather than revise a whitelist themselves or try to remonstrate Essential to whitelist an application. This eventually gives users some-more leisure and can concede developers to make their possess decisions if they wish to concede full shade on a Essential phone or not.

Essential is now propelling developers to safeguard that support for aspect ratios above 1.95 is combined to an focus if they wish to enter fullscreen mode on a Essential,  and not to hardcode any standing bar heights within it.

Source: Essential Subreddit

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