Essential Phone nick options knowledge a nick in availability

One rarely publicized aspect of Android Pie was a full support of GUI around arrangement notches — what smartphone makers wanted to do with that space in a “ears” was quite adult to them and toolkits would make it easier to handle.

The colonize of notches in a Android space has been Essential. The Essential Phone‘s petite selfie camera nick authorised for apps to uncover icons in a presentation bar, yet a association also had settings to concede a ears to mix in or mount out in appearance. These settings were accessible with Android Oreo, yet a colleagues at XDA-Developers news that they were forsaken with Android Pie. Why would this be a case?

Well, it seemed as yet a program group was arrange of prohibited and cold on a subject internally until a Essential subreddit started knocking. One group member pronounced during a monthly Ask Me Anything thread:

We have discussed this internally and now that P has launched, it is really apparent from a village that we guys wish this behind in. It will take a bit of work given it is not a 1:1 formula send from 8.1 to 9.0 given google altered a nick proof so a apportionment of a formula will have to be re-written. But for time support on doing it will expected not be in a subsequent confidence recover given it will all need to be re-tested for stability. Thanks for pulling though…. We literally quote these comments when in roadmap formulation meetings when we plead nick settings..

/u/userrrrrrrrrrrr replied that it was “really enlivening to have a association listen to a users so deliberately!”

Essential has been counsel in forging forward on a PH-1’s ascent path. It balked on a strange Android Oreo refurbish after presumably encountering a lot of a same nasty bugs that stopped other OEMs from pulling their OTAs out. The phone eventually got Android 8.1.

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