Essential Phone Nov refurbish rolling out, hints Audio Adapter HD could arrive soon

The cycle of monthly confidence updates continues. As expected, Essential has only pushed out a Nov patch OTA on a same day as Google. There is a turn this time around, though: Essential’s changelog includes records that exhibit a Audio Adapter HD could be entrance soon.

The association suggested a existence of a audio adapter all a approach behind in June, though given afterwards it’s been strangely wordless on a subject. It could have to do with a lawsuit it formerly faced over a modular appendage tech, or simply a outcome of a company’s ongoing issues. Whatever caused a delay, a pithy discuss in a changelog positively implies it’s going to finish soon.

The OTA is rolling out as we speak, and we was only means to lift it down on my possess phone. In box we can’t see a refurbish yourself (or we need apart images for root-related reasons), downloads for both a OTA and full bureau picture are also accessible over here on Reddit.

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