Essential Phone PH-2 will come with an softened camera

Californian smartphone startup Essential is wakeful that a rear-facing camera on a Essential Phone PH-1 missed a mark, and so it’s announced that it is committed to creation certain a shooter on a subsequent flagship – rumoured to be called a Essential Phone PH-2 – is adult to scratch.

“One thing that we got strike tough with was a peculiarity of a camera, and we’re unequivocally looking brazen to improving that with a next-gen, creation certain that we’re listening to a business and their pain points… We’re going to make it improved for you,” Lindia Jiang, Head of Industrial Design during Essential, told Business Insider.

Beyond a camera, Jiang didn’t exhibit most about what other changes Essential is creation to a second-generation Essential Phone, reports Business Insider, although she did note that it’s attempting to rise a cloaking that will make a device – a black various in particular – reduction sleazy and disposed to fingerprints.

The Essential Phone PH-1 wasn’t a bad handset per se, generally when we cruise that it was a initial smartphone designed and made by a Californian startup, though during a same time it also wasn’t a large strike Essential suspicion it would be – a outcome of an overly-optimistic cost tab and a sub-par camera.

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If Essential is means to offer high-end hardware during a competitive price (think: OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T), there’s a possibility it could win behind some business who were left with a green ambience in their mouth after picking adult a Essential Phone PH-1. The usually approach it’s going to do that, however, is by undercutting a competitors.

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