Essential Phone Q&A: Notch settings lapse in Oct, Android Q support confirmed, DAC adapter entrance soon

Despite a rumors that a second phone is fundamentally dead, Essential continues to put a lot of work into a PH-1. Today, fans strike a company’s latest Reddit QA with questions about a Essential Phone, and we’ve collected together some of a many engaging details.

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Notch Settings lapse to Android 9 Pie subsequent month

The Essential Phone was a initial device that wasn’t a Pixel to get Android 9 Pie, yet it mislaid a company’s custom nick settings in a process. That was positively a contrition and users have been unequivocally outspoken about wanting a return. Now, Essential can confirm that a PH-1’s Oct confidence refurbish will move those settings back.

We certain are! It’s in for a Oct confidence patch recover and we’ll be operative to get it out to we as fast as possible. P.S. So most fun for PUBG (and we theory Fortnite, if they ever let me in a beta lol)

Essential commits to delivering Android Q

If there’s one thing Essential is crazy good at, it’s delivering module updates. The association has mentioned mixed times that a Essential Phone will get a same module refurbish routine as Google’s Pixel phones – 2 years of vital releases + 3 years of confidence updates. In today’s QA, a association confirmed it would be delivering Android Q for a PH-1 and reiterated its update policy.

We’ll yield height updates for 2 years (until Aug 2019) and confidence updates for 3 years (until Aug 2020).

The Audio Adapter HD arrives ‘soon’

While a headphone jack is flattering most passed during this point, some users usually don’t wish to contend goodbye. Many Essential Phone owners were vehement during a attainment of a Audio Adapter HD procedure that delivering a high-quality DAC with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Now, Essential is confirming that a adapter is still on a approach and that it’s now going by a FCC. If all goes well, it could arrive within a subsequent integrate of months.

We can endorse that Audio Adapter HD is scarcely prepared for release. We’re in a final stages of acceptance with a FCC (we’ve been told this routine takes approximately 6 weeks) and will share some-more information on recover dates and pricing soon. The group has been operative tough and we’re vehement to broach one of a best mobile audio practice available.

essential phone audio adapter hd

A trade-in program

I positively adore a Essential Phone and all it stands for, so any news of a inheritor creates me impossibly happy. In today’s QA, a user asked that, if there is a PH-2, either Essential would offer a trade-in program. It’s substantially a widen to cruise a response of “we’ve discussed it” as a provoke for a new device, a male can dream, no?

Thanks for a suggestion! It’s something we’ve unequivocally discussed.

Digital Wellbeing for a Essential Phone

One underline we were vehement to finally try out in Android 9 Pie was Digital Wellbeing, yet currently, it’s only accessible (officially) for a Pixel. Many are extraordinary if a PH-1 will supplement a feature, yet during a moment, Essential is “unsure,” yet hopeful.

This is now still usually accessible to Pixel users in their beta. Unfortunately, I’m uncertain if this will be non-stop adult to non-Pixel phones. Personally, we unequivocally wish so.

No skeleton for Pie’s multi-camera APIs

Android 9 Pie packs local support for mixed cameras on a device, and a Essential Phone offers a dual-camera setup on a rear. Seems like a compare done in heaven, no? Unfortunately, Essential doesn’t use these APIs in a stream builds of Pie, and apparently, there are no skeleton to use those for now. That, of course, could change down a highway though.

Android Pie is sincerely new and we feel that it will have during slightest one upkeep release. We wish to see how that shakes out. Meanwhile, we do not have any evident skeleton to precedence Multi-Camera API Support in Android Pie.

essential phone android pie

How Essential delivered Android 9 Pie so fast

I’ve commended Essential large times on a impossibly discerning module support, yet a timing of a Android 9 Pie refurbish was usually brief of a miracle. The Essential Phone became a initial phone ever to get a day one upgrade for such a vital Android release, and that didn’t go unnoticed. There are a lot of relocating pieces to an update, yet Essential has shared a few pivotal sum to a routine today.

First off Google does a staged rollout of all of their module and app updates. That should explain because we perceived your refurbish before your friend.

Normally we will accept final formula updates 2-3 weeks before we can pull an OTA. We have an implausible engineering group who is means to exercise those rags fast and will routinely have 2 weeks to exam out a build. We’ll pull it out to a inner employees and have them live on a build before we’re gentle pulling it out to all of you.

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