Essential Phone Re-Review: After Updates, Price Drop is It Worth It?

When we wrapped adult reviewing a Essential Phone behind in early September, we told we guys that even nonetheless it had some flattering vicious flaws and we substantially shouldn’t buy it, that it was a phone we didn’t wish to put down. That’s a initial me, as someone who reviews phones for a vital and typically can’t wait to pierce onto a subsequent one, generally when a phone I’ve finished articulate about hasn’t reviewed all that well. You see, a Essential Phone, even with a bad opening and below-average camera, competence have a best hardware and pattern in a business right now. It’s a phone that feels implausible in palm and clearly duped me into wanting some-more of it in my life, flaws and all.

Since that review, though, Essential has issued mixed updates to both a camera and software, and a association forsaken a cost by $200, from $699 to $499. Because of those happenings dramatically changing this phone’s story, we motionless it was time to get it behind in palm and take it for another spin. After all, I’ll never contend no to a possibility to play with this hardware some more, yet a suspicion of carrying softened program and camera is something we indispensable to try further.

Here are some uninformed thoughts on a Essential Phone.

essential phone re-review


It’s still as good as ever. The titanium physique and ceramic back, joined with this singular all-display front pattern unequivocally do make for an appealing phone. I’m certain some of we still hatred that front camera nick during a top, yet it has never unequivocally worried me. While there is a plain black retard of bezel during a bottom of a phone, a approach a arrangement carries all of a approach adult to a tip front winding corners offers a aberration that no other phone unequivocally does. This is one of those phones that usually looks cooler than everybody else’s.

As we mentioned in my review, there is a good weight to this phone that roughly creates it feel heavier than we would expect. It’s not that it’s a bad weight, usually for a distance of a phone, we don’t pattern this heft when we squeeze it. But there unequivocally is a unenlightened feel when we collect it up, lift it out of your pocket, whatever. It’s a consistent sign of a lush inlet that Essential was perplexing to elicit when they slapped a strange $700 cost on it. Samsung and LG and Google phones all have a levity to them, interjection to their aluminum bodies. They don’t feel inexpensive by any means, yet when reason side by side with a Essential Phone, there is a disproportion that is conspicuous that we unequivocally appreciate.

I’d also indicate out that this phone has rather of a retro vibe to a body. It’s a rectangle with prosaic edges all around. In a way, it reminds of a iPhone 4 and 5 duration of time, where a idea wasn’t nonetheless to make a many well-developed phone around. This is a conflicting of what Samsung and LG are doing, where they are perplexing to mold potion and steel together to emanate a seamless pattern experience. Essential intentionally done this have edges and we kind of unequivocally like it. we don’t even know why, given it is in no approach as gentle to reason as a Galaxy S8. Maybe, again, it’s usually given it’s different. Be together, not a same, right?

essential phone re-review


So a software, now that a phone has perceived mixed updates, is many better. I’d adore to be means to tell we that it is flawless and a knowledge rivals that of a OnePlus 5 or Motorola’s phones or a Pixel devices, yet it’s not on that turn yet. A lot of a hold responsiveness, scrolling lag, and altogether jitters have been reduced or severely improved, though. The Essential Phone is no longer frustrating to use.

I’m still observant slowdowns via a day, where we have to transparent all using apps from a app switcher, and we gifted during slightest one full freeze-up that compulsory a reboot over a weekend. Again, these issues have been softened upon, yet they are still benefaction a integrate of months later.

I’d also indicate out that on a white Essential Phone we have here, we suspicion a fingerprint reader died on it after carrying been out of a box for all of 10 hours. we contend that given a fingerprint reader usually stopped operative and all program associated to it left from a phone, roughly as if it no longer purebred a component. After articulate with support, they told me that this was a famous bug from a latest program build and that they are operative on a fix. While that’s good that Essential is already operative on a fix, we’re articulate about a fingerprint reader totally failing after a program refurbish and a repair potentially weeks away. That’s kind of bad. Couple that with a fact that Smart Lock roughly never works on a phone and I’m stranded in 2009 entering in PINs and passwords to clear my phone.

Overall, we do suffer a program here given it is bare-bones, batch Android yet any flint during all. To this date, Essential is still customizing nothing of it and usually includes their camera app. If we like a precisionist form of Android, this is it. It uses Ambient Display, a launcher that looks like a aged Google Now Launcher with entrance to Google Now off to a side, and notifications that haven’t been messed with. It should get Oreo flattering discerning here too, during slightest in a form of a beta.

So yeah, a program has gotten a lot softened in terms of opening and stability, yet it still has a few bugs and Essential is clearly still anticipating their slit in squashing them all. The knowledge has come a prolonged way.

essential phone re-review


Alright, camera time. Has Essential been means to urge a camera’s print holding abilities and camera experience? Without a doubt, a camera app that Essential includes has been softened enormously. That’s not observant many given a app used to crash, freeze, skip touches on a shiver button, and altogether perform like an app combined by a 7th grader training to code.

Now, it opens flattering quickly, can snap mixed photos yet many of a hiccup, and hasn’t crashed on me given we started re-testing it. It’s still a flattering diseased app, though. The HDR mode is super delayed given it takes a time gnawing dual photos to routine together, there are frequency any other settings to adjust (definitely no primer mode), and it still won’t remember that we incited peep off as we switch behind and onward between unchanging mode and HDR. It’s a feeble done camera app, what else is there to say? Oh, we should usually use Google’s Camera app that can be found over during XDA.

What about a photos it takes? Uhh, we consider it positively can take a decent pattern from time to time. In fact, many of a photos we see next (that we palm selected), are flattering solid. The problem is that a camera is flattering delayed to focus, mostly times doesn’t concentration on a scold intent yet we touching-to-focus, and is mostly terrible in low light. In other words, I’m here to tell we that a camera is still a weakest partial of a phone and I’m not certain it’s ever going to get many better. If we use a Google Camera app we suggested above, your formula will substantially be many softened than if we use a Essential camera app, that’s for sure.

Here are some new samples. Honestly, we can’t remember that was taken with that camera app, yet many were with a Essential app to give it a fairest shake, given that’s a camera app Essential ships on it. You’ll see plain shots in good lighting, yet an present decrease of picture peculiarity once we attempted to take anything indoors. Also, keep in mind that we mostly had to take mixed shots in sequence to get one that was in focus.

essential phone camera samples-3

Essential Phone: Now value it?

Is a Essential Phone now value considering? It unequivocally is during $500 (or $450 during a time of this post). You are competing with OnePlus during this cost point, rather than Samsung and LG and Google, that creates clarity given a sum package doesn’t unequivocally supplement adult to what those companies are offering. I’d disagree that a hardware and pattern are softened than OnePlus’, yet that a camera is a hold next that of a OnePlus 5 and a program knowledge similar, nonetheless it hasn’t been utterly as fine-tuned as OnePlus’ phones nor does it have a additional customizations. Would we select this phone over something like a OnePlus 5? Probably, and that’s given we adore a hardware and pattern so much, and we conclude a ultra-bare-bones software. It also works on Verizon, distinct OnePlus phones. But I’d do so meaningful that a camera knowledge is going to be rather frustrating, substantially forever.

In a end, a Essential Phone is now a unequivocally plain phone, interjection to updates, during a heck of a cost that has to be on your shortlist if your bill tops out during $500. Do we consider we should select this over a Pixel 2 or Note 8 or V30? Eh, substantially not if we caring about holding good photos. This competence not be a misfortune camera in a smartphone, yet it is no where nearby a top. If hardware is what we caring about, afterwards sure, you’ll be happy with your decision.

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