Essential Phone supplement could use a singular record to reinstate a notch


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As a late customer of a Essential Phone (after a prices had forsaken significantly and after many of a issues were fixed), we consider they had a good device on their hands. By a time we bought it, there was not many to protest about, and a lot to like.

On a program side of things: batch Android experience, day 1 Android 9 updates, and no bloatware.

On a hardware side of things: adequate though transparent speakers, good quivering mechanism, transparent earpiece, good screen, reward construction (titanium + ceramic), reward fit and finish, reasonable size, felt good in hand. Camera was plain altogether (great in good lighting, common in low light, pointy in monochrome mode).

I for one unequivocally wish they attain and continue to make devices. They seem to caring about a sum some-more than many companies.

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