Essential phone to get a new module, a captivating headphone jack

When Essential announced a Essential Phone, one of a biggest articulate points was a captivating appendage complement that could bond to a accumulation of modules. The initial appendage that Essential announced was a 360-degree camera, now Essential has announced a subsequent nifty accessory, captivating 3.5mm headphone jack called a Adapter HD.

Like a 360-degree camera, this 3.5mm headphone jack procedure will repair on to a behind of a Essential Phone regulating a dual pin tie feature. One can already supplement a 3.5mm jack to a Essential Phone around a unchanging USB-C adapter though Essential promises audiophile class outlay with a latest module. As of now, pricing for this procedure is meagre though one will be means to squeeze it after on this year.


Essential state, “The Audio Adapter HD can fit roughly all forms of 3.5mm headphones and is crafted from machined titanium for well-developed durability. Plus, with Click technology, we can assign your phone and listen to song simultaneously.”

Elaborating on a headphone jack procedure Essential explain that it is one of a initial to underline a high-resolution ESS Sabre DAC with hardware MQA digest and an audiophile-grade amp that can expostulate perfectionist high-impedance headphones.

Along with a proclamation of a Adapter HD, Essential also suggested that a Essential Phone would also be receiving a program refurbish that gives it an MQA certification. Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is a approach of unpacking songs that gives a lossless audio knowledge in a smaller distance so one can knowledge a sound of a strange recording.

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