Essential Phone to accept Android Oreo refurbish "in a subsequent integrate …

Andy Rubin’s association announced a Essential phone behind in May and expelled it a lot after than expected. We all suspicion that a father of Android will offer timely program updates for a handset. Well, it seems that this was utterly an confident expectation. The association recently announced on a Twitter page that a Android Oreo refurbish will strech Essential Phone units “in a subsequent integrate months”. If we are to cruise a fact that a smartphone should have strike a stores in 30 days and it indeed arrived after a integrate of months, this timeframe could also get a lot longer.

Other manufacturers take months too before rolling out a latest chronicle of Google’s software. Even so, given a fact that a Essential Phone runs scarcely batch Android, users were definitely expecting to get a refurbish a lot sooner. The beating of some Essential Phone users is flattering apparent in a comments that followed a announcement. To be honest, a Essential PH- 1 is not a inexpensive smartphone so all those who invested in it naturally approaching not usually high-end specs though also timely updates and seriosity on interest of a company. After all, what use is it in purchasing a good smartphone if it arrives months after than approaching and afterwards a program updates come late too?

Of course, there is a china backing to a proclamation too. In a picture tweeted by a association users can finally have a improved glance during a Essential Phone’s charging dock. We’ve seen images of a device earlier, however, they weren’t as transparent as a many new one. Unfortunately, this only competence not be adequate for a infancy of users. They purchased a handset with scarcely batch Android in mind and they expected a association to hurl out program updates progressing than other manufacturers do. At this point, we have no justification that this will be a case. Essential doesn’t unequivocally seem to be means to keep a promises. Hopefully, a delays in delivering a handset and a program refurbish will be final ones to defect fans. The company is a earnest one and it would be a contrition to remove a good headstart they had with Andy Rubin in charge.

Source: Essential (Twitter)


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