Essential Phone vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Andy Rubin, co-creator of Android, launched a Essential Phone in an try to offer something new and superb in a smartphone market. Here’s how a specs and facilities review to those of a Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, that are stream Android leaders.



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The Essential Phone is not small, nonetheless it still stands shorter than both a Galaxy phones, (even nonetheless it’s a bit wider than a smaller S8).


The Essential Phone is a heaviest – it weighs roughly 7-percent some-more than a S8+ and 16-percent some-more than a S8.

Build materials

Essential says a titanium and ceramic build is some-more strong and fares improved in dump tests than aluminum, that does not seem to be a box for a S8 series’ good-looking nonetheless damage-prone potion build.


Both come in a array of colors, nonetheless accurate accessibility varies. The Essential Phone can now be indifferent in black or white, with teal and grey options approaching after on. For a S8 series, a bullion and blue options are not now accessible in a US.

Water resistance

While a S8 array has an industry-topping IP68 rating, H2O insurgency is conspicuously absent from a Essential Phone.

Display size

Diagonal measurements can be deceiving, given these phones have conflicting aspect ratios. The Essential Phone has a 19:10 aspect ratio while Samsung opts for 18.5:9 (which are both sincerely surprising proportions in smartphones).

Display resolution

All of a phones have QHD displays, nonetheless a S8 wins in terms of pixel density.

Display type

The twin tumble on conflicting sides of a IPS/AMOLED fence.

Curved display

Like many phones, a Essential Phone has a prosaic front. The S8 array has dull edges, where a arrangement wraps around a front of a phone.

Home button

Considering a distance of those displays, both inclination put a home symbol onscreen.

Fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint sensors are on a back. The Essential has it centered, while it is placed to a right of a camera on a S8 series.

Face recognition

Samsung has combined a face approval underline of a own, nonetheless given there’s already a built-in Trusted Face underline in Android (that seems to offer comparable security), a Essential Phone presumably has Trusted Face approval as well.

Iris scanning

The S8 array has nonetheless another biometric login option: iris scanning.


Both makers opt for a latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, nonetheless Samsung opts for a possess likewise able Exynos chipset in certain markets.


These options have a relating 4 GB of RAM.


There is usually one built-in storage distance choice on any – and Essential offers twice a amount.


But if storage is a genuine concern, a S8 array has expandable storage around microSD.

Headphone jack

The Essential Phone is a latest reward flagship to ax a customary 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Bundled headphones

Samsung bundles a S8 and S8+ with a span of US$99 AKG connected earbuds. There aren’t any headphones finished with a Essential Phone, nonetheless a USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter is enclosed in a box.


The large Galaxy S8+ has a sweeping battery to match, while a S8 and Essential have identical capacities.

Fast charging

Both support fast charging.

Wireless charging

Only a S8 array support wireless charging (with a charging pad, sole separately). There is even some quick wireless charging capability.

Camera megapixels

The Essential Phone packs in an additional megapixel in a behind (main) shooter, while a front (selfie) cameras have an uniformly matched 8 MP.

Camera orifice (rear)

The smaller a f-stop, a incomparable a aperture, so a Samsungs have a slight advantage here. Larger apertures can infrequently meant improved low-light sharpened and depth-of-field effects, nonetheless it’s usually one of many factors in altogether camera quality.

Dual camera

The Essential Phone has a twin behind camera. As we’ve seen in phones like a Huawei P10, it pairs an RGB and monochrome camera.

Optical picture stabilization (OIS)

The S8 array has OIS, nonetheless there’s no signs of it on a Essential Phone.

Operating system

The Essential Phone will run Android. While a association didn’t list a specific chronicle of a OS in a spec sheet, Andy Rubin pronounced in a ReCode interview that a phone will run a latest Nougat chronicle of pristine batch Android. Samsung skins Nougat with a possess TouchWiz UI.

Mobile payments

The Essential Phone has NFC, so it will presumably support Android Pay. The S8 series’ Samsung Pay could be some-more fitting to US users, given it can embrace captivating ribbon cards as good as work with NFC terminals.

Voice assistant

Again, a Essential Phone will presumably support Google Assistant. But given Essential launched a intelligent home device alongside a phone (a Google Home and Amazon Echo aspirant that we don’t know many sum about yet) there could be another partner in a brew as well. The S8 array supports both Google Assistant and Samsung’s Bixby.

Mobile VR support

The Essential Phone does not support any suggestive mobile VR knowledge over simple Google Cardboard functionality. The S8 and S8+ are concordant with a Samsung Gear VR headset.


The Essential Phone has a grounds for modular accessories – a captivating frame opposite a behind with wireless information transfer, that appears to be a prong-free movement on a Moto Z’s modularity.

At this point, a Essential accessories embody a pocket-sized 360-degree camera and charging dock, nonetheless there could be some-more in a future.

Desktop PC dock

The Galaxy phones support a DeX wharf (sold separately) that allows we to use your phone to energy a PC-like computing knowledge on a apart monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Release date

The Essential Phones can be indifferent online now, nonetheless they have not been given an central boat date (we design it in a entrance months). The S8 and S8+ were expelled final April.

Starting cost (full retail)

Samsung prices change depending on conduit and region, nonetheless chances are, even a entry-level S8 will cost somewhat some-more than a Essential Phone, that itself is clearly positioned to be a high-end device.

While a Essential Phone seems to ring some of a best facilities from today’s heading flagships, we’ll have to get a hands on one to know for sure. On a other hand, a Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have several facilities – like wireless charging, mobile VR support, expandable storage and H2O insurgency – that are conspicuously absent from a Essential Phone.

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