Essential Phone will be disdainful to TELUS in Canada

Andy Rubin’s startup Essential done a entrance a few weeks ago, and unnecessary to say, we’re all flattering vehement for a company’s initial smartphone to strike a market. Quite a few US buyers of a device might have been unhappy to learn that a phone would be a carrier disdainful to Sprint in a States, and now a neighbors adult north are confronting a identical emanate — TELUS has only announced it will be a disdainful conduit of a Essential Phone.

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As confirmed in a press release this morning, Essential’s initial smartphone will be an disdainful recover on TELUS for Canadian customers. Pre-orders will flog off subsequent month with accessibility after this Summer. By contrast, a phone is approaching to go adult for sale in a US someday in a subsequent few weeks.

It’s misleading during this time if Essential will be charity a phone unbarred for meddlesome buyers in Canada, as a association has nonetheless to exhibit anything per that matter. For now, it seems that sales are totally sealed to TELUS. The phone will be accessible unbarred in Canada around Essential’s website.

Pricing is different during this time, though it will expected be aloft than a $699 cost tab for US buyers given acclimatisation rates and such. TELUS also skeleton to sell Essential’s 360-degree camera appendage in store.

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