Essential promises a new phone recover date ‘in a week’

It’s been a few weeks given Essential CEO Andy Rubin told us that a Essential Phone would be coming “in a few weeks,” though currently a association gave nonetheless another (albeit somewhat some-more specific) timeline, observant it would exhibit a recover date “in a week.” That’s scarcely dual months after a association primarily pronounced that a phone would begin shipping some time in June.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Essential boss Niccolo De Masi also reliable that a $699 Android device with an edge-to-edge arrangement would be accessible around vital US retailers Best Buy and Amazon. The Essential is approaching to launch as a Sprint exclusive, with Telus as a Canada partner and some-more general carriers to be announced during a after date.

“If we are means to sell low singular number millions [in a initial year], that’s really successful for a startup,” De Masi optimistically told WSJ. The Essential’s launch, if it indeed arrives within a month, puts it during an inappropriate time before Apple and Google’s announcements for a arriving iPhone 8 and Pixel 2, respectively, that have historically taken place in Sep and October.

De Masi did not yield serve sum on a recover of a Essential Home, a company’s “privacy-first” Amazon Echo aspirant that will have its possess intelligent partner OS.

Update Aug 9th, 3:40PM ET: This essay has been updated to supplement Andy Rubin’s twitter on “full mass production.”

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