Essential will sell your phone’s blank headphone jack behind to we for $150

How badly do we wish a headphone jack on your smartphone? Android creator Andy Rubin’s smartphone startup, Essential, is still alive after laying off 30 percent of a staff, and it’s still producing products. The latest is a headphone jack connection called a “Audio Adapter HD” for a company’s usually standalone product, a ill-fated Essential Phone. The Essential Phone doesn’t have a headphone jack built into a device, though it does have a modular appendage system that this headphone jack can click onto. So if we really, unequivocally wish to use connected audio, we can flare over a $150 for this accessory. That cost seems just a bit extreme deliberation a whole phone has had glow sales for $250 and $224.

The Essential Phone is concordant with a common headphone jack dongles, so this appendage is being pitched as an artisanally crafted appendage for a perceptive audiophile. The association says a “limited edition” appendage is “handcrafted” and done from “100% machined titanium.” Inside is a dear 3.5mm audio jack and a high-quality DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) from ESS Sabre. You’ll also get 3 giveaway months of a Tidal HiFi song service. Besides a higher-quality DAC, a other advantage this connection offers over a common USB-C dongle is a ability to assign a device and listen to song during a same time! What a concept.

At 11.5mm thick, a box is somehow thicker than many whole smartphones, and keep in mind that you’re putting this on tip of a 7.8mm thick Essential Phone. In further to a audio stuff, there’s also a simple Essential modular hardware, that consists of a magnet-powered connection complement and a span of pogo pins that yield energy to a device. Phones though a headphone jack rest on wireless communication for audio, and that’s still kind of a box here, even with Essential’s connected audio accessory—data for Essential’s modular complement is sent over Wireless USB.

I would have approaching that a $150 headphone jack connection for a feeble offered phone wouldn’t sell well, though a initial run of a device is apparently already sole out during

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