Essential’s Audio Adapter HD Hits FCC, Will Hopefully be Sold Soon

I tend to forget that a Essential Phone wanted to be a modular phone. Andy Rubin and Co. wanted this phone to be a phone that lasted we for years by upgrades with accessories that trustworthy around captivating connection. They haven’t indeed succeeded in doing any of that, as a usually appendage expelled so distant to use a captivating pins is a 360-camera, that 4 people on Earth have a use for. A new choice is about to arrive, though.

The Essential Audio Adapter HD arrived during a FCC this week, that means it should be expelled here in a really nearby future. Essential told us final month that a audio appendage was in a final stages with a FCC. Once finished there, they designed to give us recover timing and price. Well, we’re here!

To recap, a Audio Adapter HD is a high-res ESS Sabre DAC with hardware MQA rendering, and an audiophile-grade amp that slaps onto a behind of an Essential Phone. With this machined titanium adapter attached, we should be means to plug-in your high-end headphones to get a top-tier audio experience.

Essential Audio Adapter HD

Are we too late for a arrival? Essential Phone owners do adore their phones, so maybe a timing isn’t that large of a deal. Assuming a cost isn’t going to be absurd (it competence be), this arrange of seems like an appendage value picking up.

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