Fallout 76 bug deleted a whole beta, Bethesda extends it in penance

So Fallout 76 is not accurately off to a good start. A beta exam bug has cost several users changed time with a game, apparently fulfilling Bethesda’s guarantee of “spectacular issues.” 

To start with, an peculiar bug with a Bethesda launcher summarily deleted a entire, 47 GB beta after it’d already been downloaded. Bethesda’s support asked users around a now-deleted twitter to stop clicking any buttons on a launcher, as that was allegedly a source of a problem (the diversion is one of new call of releases forgoing Steam). Apparently users who had done a mistake of clicking had no other chance than to try again. That’s not a tiny download, definition it’d potentially cost users several hours of diversion time.

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Even those who did conduct to download a diversion in time were reportedly using adult opposite server issues, terrible performance, and in-game bugs. PC Gamer reported a diversion was blank a push-to-talk underline and content chat, facilities that have been staples of a online diversion given roughly a Paleolithic era.

It’s apparently felicitous a bug flush during a beta and not a full diversion launch. That’s what beta tests are for, after all, and improved now than when a diversion indeed hits a shelves. Still, it’d be a bit of a murky awaiting for those who pre-ordered privately to play a beta and therefore entrance a diversion progressing than they routinely would.

Regardless, Bethesda motionless to make adult for a launcher bug by fluctuating a beta into tomorrow dusk in sequence to concede a users who missed a window due to inordinately prolonged download times to play a game. It even enclosed a hashtag Twitter users were contracting to demonstrate their displeasure.

For those who don’t wish to attend in a beta — and we wouldn’t censure you, since Todd usually knows what’s going to go wrong subsequent — a diversion will strictly be expelled on Nov 14.

Correction: In a strange chronicle of this article, we wrongly listed a recover date as Nov 16. It’s Nov 14. Mea culpa.

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