FBI Arrests Chevy Chase Parent on Charges of Child Pornography Production

Jonathan Oldale was formerly arrested in Oct by Montgomery County military for fixation a camera in a lavatory during a Silver Spring gymnastics core for kids

Jonathan Oldale

Jonathan Oldale


Updated 11 a.m. Saturday: Federal agents have arrested and charged Chevy Chase proprietor Jonathan Oldale with prolongation of child pornography, according to a summary sent Friday night by Superintendent Jack Smith to a Montgomery County Public Schools community.

“While a charges are connected to Mr. Oldale’s private residence, they engage dozens of school-aged children, many of whom attend MCPS schools,” Smith wrote. “It is purported that Mr. Oldale videotaped children during parties that he hosted during his home.”

According to a U.S. Attorney’s Office in Maryland, law coercion agents found hundreds of videos filmed in a bathroom of his home. The videos allegedly decorated during slightest 30 children holding off their garments or showering suits, holding showers and removing dressed. The videos also uncover Oldale checking camera angles for a mixed cameras in a bathroom.

According to a review by county military and FBI agents, Oldale made children who attended “splash parties” in his yard take showers before they went home.

Oldale, of Greystone Court, had been out on bond given he was arrested and charged in Oct by Montgomery County military with conducting visible notice of another chairman in a private place though consent. Oldale, 54 during a time, was indicted of fixation a camera in a unisex lavatory during a Silver Spring gymnastics core for kids.

According to police, Oldale allegedly left a trek containing a recording camera in a lavatory of Silver Star Gymnastics and Fitness Club in May. His children were enrolled in classes there, military said.

After acid his mechanism during that time, military found videos of children urinating in bathrooms, though pronounced they trust he downloaded them and did not record them. At that time, detectives pronounced they had  not located any videos of people being accessible in a Silver Spring gymnastics studio.

According to a censure filed by a U.S. Attorney for a District of Maryland Robert K. Hur, a second hunt aver executed during Oldale’s home in Jul 2017 resulted in a seizure of cameras containing SD memory cards from Oldale’s office. An hearing of a SD cards suggested a videos he had filmed in a lavatory in his home.

After being told about Oldale’s detain in October, “MCPS immediately conducted a hunt of a schools where Mr. Oldale had students enrolled,” Smith wrote. “No cameras or notice inclination were found. Additionally, we released a no tamper sequence banning Mr. Oldale from all MCPS property.”

In November, angry relatives blasted police, angrily doubt because Oldale was means to have  “constant” entrance to children for months after a camera had been found in a Silver Spring gym.

“I am angry by this function and we know that a village finds a allegations in a charging papers as unfortunate and upsetting as we do,” he wrote. “Our thoughts are with a victims and their families.”

Smith pronounced Student Services staff will be accessible to yield conversing and support to students and families as needed. 

He suggested anyone with questions or information that might be useful to a review of Oldale to hit a FBI during 410-265-8080.


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