Fire Sale: Essential Phone With 360° Camera Drops Below $400, More Than Half Its Price 3 Months Ago

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For Cyber Monday, is discounting a Essential phone ($220) and its 360-degree camera connection (a $179 value) for only $399, some-more than half a cost of a gold when it debuted only 3 months ago. But will that be adequate to save it?

This is a many thespian cost dump we have seen so distant this holiday season for a high-end flagship smartphone, that doesn’t bode good for a long-term destiny of Essential’s PH-1 phone.

The device conceived by Andy Rubin, a creator of a Android mobile handling complement before Google acquired it in 2005, primarily launched in late Aug during $699 though the startup had to cut a cost 2 months after by $200 amid malnutritioned sales.

Essential’s phone price slashed some-more than half during $220 from $499, a month after a $200 cost cut. But will that be adequate to save it?

Today, a cost of Essential’s smartphone, which could have been a clever contender for Apple’s iPhone X if it had shipped on time (in Jun instead of late August) and wasn’t tormented by countless program problems that influenced a camera and altogether performance, was slashed again in what could be seen as a glow sale: Amazon is bundling a device and the company’s 360-degree camera attachment, that routinely costs $179, for only $399.

The latest bonus effectively brings a cost of a Essential phone (unlocked) down to only $220, rebate than half from final month’s price, and radically (no joke intended) a 60% cost rebate from a launch price.

Despite continued program issues inspiring a Essential phone opening and user experience, we consider this bargain-basement cost ($220) is a good understanding for anyone on a bill looking for a premium Android device that should get improved over time, with additional program updates and support.

Analysis: No bright destiny for Essential in a smartphone market

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