First Razer Phone 2 describe trickle shows off a really identical device

The initial describe of a arriving Razer Phone 2 has been leaked by Evan Blass, and it suggests that Razer is going with a really matching pattern for a follow-up to a debut smartphone. Outside of a repositioned camera and a Razer trademark that now glows with a company’s signature wholesome green, a device looks roughly matching to a predecessor, with a same corpulent support and front-facing speakers.

That’s possibly a good or bad thing, depending on how we felt about Razer’s initial effort. While a phone done headlines for being a initial to embody a high modernise rate 120Hz shade (compared to a 60Hz panels found in many smartphones), it finished this inside a “clumsy” housing with normal battery life and an even worse camera.

Image by Evan Blass

Razer hasn’t been shy about a goal to recover a follow-up device, though it’s tough to know how many of these issues it will have time to fix, deliberation it’s been reduction than a year given a Razer Phone launched. At slightest changing a plcae of a camera indicates a association is doing something with it, even if we don’t know utterly what a outcome on a print peculiarity will be.

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