First Redevelopment Project for Bethesda’s Pearl District Wins Initial Approval

Developers devise residential building with first-floor retail

Rendering of a plan during 4540 Montgomery Ave., as seen from Pearl Street looking northwest.

Rendering of a plan during 4540 Montgomery Ave., as seen from Pearl Street looking northwest.

Via Montgomery County Planning Department

County formulation officials Thursday sealed off on a initial redevelopment plan for Bethesda’s Pearl District.

Promark Development is looking to reinstate a aspect parking lot with a 145-foot-tall mixed-use building that would move residents and retailers to a dilemma of Pearl Street and Montgomery Avenue. Pat Harris, a land-use profession representing Promark, pronounced that area of Bethesda has been rather ignored so far.

“So we’re vehement that this plan will rather jump-start this apportionment of a redevelopment of Bethesda,” she said.

The Montgomery County Planning Board unanimously approved a blueprint plan for a 61,250-square-foot project.

Illustration of a mixed-use plan developers are formulation during a dilemma of Pearl Street and Montgomery Avenue. Via Montgomery County Planning Department.

Planning staff wish to see redevelopment inform a Pearl District, an area easterly of Waverly Street and north of a Capital Crescent Trail.

As partial of a project, Promark has concluded to minister supports to renovate Pearl Street into a “shared street,” where drivers, cyclists and pedestrians could coexist.

Mary Flynn, a mayor of a city of Chevy Chase, spoke during a assembly to ask that developers take residents circuitously into care as a plan progresses. Among other things, she requested that developers consider about how to conceal light wickedness and sound that competence differently interrupt a surrounding community.

County planner Leslye Howerton pronounced that by bringing first-floor sell to a dilemma site, a redevelopment plan during 4540 Montgomery Ave. could minister to branch Pearl Street into some-more of a “main street.”

“This would really, hopefully, start to catalyze that vision,” she said.

The site stands a brief stretch from a Capital Crescent Trail and a destiny Purple Line, and a due building could act as an “eastern gateway” for travelers along these routes, a formulation staff has said.

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