Fix Incoming for Google Drive Issue Preventing Many File Types …

Since a Google Drive app for iOS was updated progressing this month, several iPhone and iPad users have been incompetent to open Microsoft Word papers and many other record forms in Apple’s Files app for iOS 11 or iCloud Drive app for iOS 10.

Instead, when users with a Google Drive app commissioned try to open a DOCX record in a Files or iCloud Drive apps, for example, a Google Drive app automatically opens and displays a prompt to save a file.

MacRumors has been means to transcribe a issue, that is expected a Google Drive problem rather than a Files or iCloud Drive one.

The usually resolution to a problem for now appears to be uninstalling a Google Drive app. Google has nonetheless to criticism on a matter, though it will presumably have to recover another refurbish to a Google Drive app to repair this issue.

Update: The emanate appears to be a outcome of Google induction for a “” UTI and environment a handler arrange to “owner.” Then, a latest refurbish to Google Drive clearly combined open-in-place support for “,” that is all information types, and became a default opener for many other record types.

A source sensitive with a matter sensitive MacRumors that Google is wakeful of a emanate and operative on a fix.

Update 2: Google Drive has been updated and no longer hijacks record opening duties in Files or iCloud Drive.

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