Flashy Notification Lights Need to Make a Comeback

Oppo find 7 presentation light. Awesome right?

We live in a universe fueled by notifications, or angry by them rather. Our smartphones are a many critical gadgets in a lives and they accept a ton of notifications from SMS alerts to amicable media posts alerts and more. However, something has been blank for a while and I’m not happy about it: great presentation lights

Smartphones are customarily given simple LED presentation lights that uncover your charging standing (changing from red to yellow to immature for example) or either we have a missed phone call or text. The little presentation lights are customarily during a tip left dilemma and they are mostly meant to be unobtrusive. Other phones like a iPhone don’t have presentation lights during all!

The Past

Nokia 5330 Xpress Music. (via Mobile review)

Nevertheless, we have seen manufacturers putting out good inclination that featured considerable varicoloured presentation lights.  The Nokia 5330 Xpress Music for instance was expelled in 2009 and had an considerable multi phony LED frame around a keypad for notifications. Check out mobile review where they uncover a several colours it used to arrangement for notifications.

Sony Xperia SP presentation light (via CNET)

Smartphones also started charity considerable presentation lights like twin of my past phones: The Sony Xperia SP and a Xperia Z2. The SP had a presentation frame during a bottom that could be customized into several colours and it also pulsated when we played music.

Sony Xperia S presentation light frame (via Xperiablog)

The SP presentation light was borrowed from a predecessor, a Xperia S, which  distinct a SP, a presentation light circumnavigated a phone’s width.The Z2’s presentation light was dark during a earpiece and was varicoloured like a SP.

Sony Xperia Z2 presentation light

Specifically for a Xperia Z2, we bought an app that was used to tailor apps with specific phony notifications down to a app’s central colours. Facebook got blue, Telegram was roughly cyan, WhatsApp was green, Bloomberg was a purplish-blue hue, Instagram was purple, texts were white, missed calls were yellow and Gmail was red. This was impossibly accessible given we knew right divided what app gave me a latest notification.

Oppo find 7 presentation light. Awesome right?

One phone that had an considerable presentation light was the Oppo Find 7. It had a neat presentation frame during a bottom that pulsated, giving a apparition that a phone was alive and breathing. It complimented a whole pattern beautifully and it is unhappy they haven’t motionless to move behind that underline to a new phone.

The Present

In 2018, adorned presentation lights are a rarity. Most smartphones solely a iPhone get normal presentation lights that are meant to be pointed and a selling is customarily focused on other aspects like their 18:9 displays or twin cameras. Sony and Oppo seemed to have ditched their adorned presentation lights for pointed ones and are now in line with a foe in charity customary ones.

efssential phone presentation light
via Dave2D on YouTube

There was an difference final year with a introduction of the Essential Phone. This was a phone done by a new association Essential. It has a distinguished titanium and ceramic physique that was praised during all, though engaging enough, some reviewers (MKBHD and Dave2D) indeed commented about a presentation light, that is located during a earpiece usually like a Xperia Z2.


I’d adore for adorned presentation lights to make a quip though that is a prolonged shot. In an attention that is spooky with 18:9 displays, notches, twin cameras and razer skinny bezels, clearly a manufacturers and a selling departments are jumping on a latest trends.

However it usually needs a manufacturer with adequate poke to make certain that they do make a comeback. Yes I’m articulate about Apple, a usually association that has never worried to put a presentation light on their iPhones. Yes they do have that underline where we can spin on a LED peep during a behind to be used for ‘alerts’ though that does not count.

iPhone X

If they confirm to supplement a presentation light (like a one on a Oppo Find 7) on their subsequent and biggest iPhone, a others will really follow fit in their possess way. Imagine a iPhone X deputy with a tip or bottom placed LED frame for notifications, that would be insanely cool. Or they competence confirm to use a OLED row and usually illuminated a specific frame during a bottom, usually for Samsung fans to remind iPhone users they had that on a Edge array phones given 2000 BC.

So Apple, do your thing, make presentation lights good again.

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