Flyme 6 for Nokia 6 seems ready, shall recover soon

Meizu’s Flyme OS shall make its approach to a Nokia 6 flattering soon. Someone over during Weibo leaked a news with a screenshot of a central Flyme OS website of China display Nokia 6 listed on a firmware download page for Flyme 6.

The Chinese various of a Nokia 6 already runs on a tradition skin by Nokia, while a international variant of a device runs on nearby batch build of Android. And now with Flyme OS entrance aboard, Nokia 6 users looks to be in for some fun.

Flyme is deliberate to be one of a best tradition Android skin accessible out there. It looks good and runs flattering well-spoken on Meizu’s possess devices. Compatibility with other inclination isn’t as great, though if a ROM is accessible by central channels of Flyme, it will probably ride good for bland usage.

About Flyme 6, good it is utterly a large jump from Flyme 5, with a latest iteration carrying an AI on house to collect adult user habits and customize a user knowledge accordingly. The user interface is built on a neat and prosaic pattern aspect.

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Flyme’s clear colors are pleasing to a eye and goes along with a newly enclosed rise too. Text on a shade has also been spaciously arranged. There are also many underneath a hood additions like Game mode, Auto-repair during Night powered by a AI and Process Reaper that enhances a knowledge by time by study user habits.

Overall, Meizu seems to have finished a good pursuit with a skin, and there would be no doubt that it would span good with a Nokia 6 soon.

Via: Weibo

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