Forget about a PlayStation Classic — a large collection of Sega classics is about to strike a Nintendo Switch

Ever given Nintendo expelled a darling NES Classic Edition behind in 2016, there’s been a bullion rush on hardware-based classical gaming: People simply adore to buy tiny, nostalgia-laced boxes that resemble classical consoles like a NES and Super Nintendo.

It was no warn when, progressing this year, Sony denounced a possess chronicle — a PlayStation Classic— that costs $100 and arrives this Dec with 20 games packaged in.

But what about Sega? What about everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog, and a dozens of other classical characters and games from a Sega Genesis? Great news:

Is that “Golden Axe”? It is “Golden Axe”!

“Sega Genesis Classics” is an implausible package, with 51 classical Genesis games all baked into delightfully retro accoutrements (like a aged TV with a VHS actor built-in seen above).

Better still: It costs only $30 for all 51 games! Here’s a full rundown.

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