Former Bethesda lacrosse manager arrested for attempted kidnap and murder, military say

BETHESDA, Md. — An ex-Bethesda lacrosse manager is being extradited from a United Kingdom after attempting to kidnap 5 Virginia children and kill their relatives in 2018, prosecutors say.

Gary B. Reburn was a invulnerability and goalie manager for a girl’s lacrosse group during Walter Johnson High School in 2011, according to Montgomery County Schools’ jaunty website.

Valerie Hayes, Reburn’s girlfriend, assured tighten friends and integrate Frank and Jennifer Amnott that her 3 children had been kidnapped. Hayes pronounced that they were being reason by dual Mennonite couples in apart homes in Dayton, Va.

In an try to get a children behind by murdering their purported abductors, probity papers settled that Hayes afterwards orchestrated a abduction plan. Investigators pronounced that Hayes betrothed a Amnott’s they could have one of a children if a abduction devise was successful, as a integrate common with her that they were carrying difficulty conceiving.

After one of a relatives left any of a homes, Hayes and Amnott were to reason adult a other primogenitor during gunpoint and direct a children, prosecutors said. At a second home, usually a 3 youngest children were to be taken, with a comparison dual to be unperceiving and sealed in their rooms. Prosecutors pronounced that a contingent afterwards designed on executing a relatives and “eliminating witnesses to a abductions.” 

On Jul 29, Hayes, Reburn and Frank Amnott attempted to follow by with a plan. They gathering to Dayton to collect a children, where Hayes sheltered herself in Mennonite clothing. Prosecutors pronounced that a wardrobe was formerly stolen from a home while a family went to church services progressing that day. 

After forcing their approach into a initial home, a 3 adults reason adult one of a relatives during gunpoint, probity papers stated.

The second primogenitor ran out of a home and into a cornfield where they dialed 911. The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office was immediately dispatched to a home, where they found Amnott in a groundwork indicating a gun to one of a parent’s heads. Hayes and Reburn fled a scene, though authorities were means to detain Frank Amnott. Prosecutors pronounced that no one was injured.

U.S. Attorney Thomas Cullen in a press recover that said a box “read like a book of a bad fear movie.”

“The defendants’ ruthless tract was genuine and it acted a grave risk to their dictated victims,” Cullen said.

Last week, Amnott beg guilty to 3 charges, including swindling to kill witnesses that carries a imperative life sentence. His sentencing is slated for May 26.

Investigators pronounced that Reburn, Hayes and Jeniffer Amnott fled to a United Kingdom after a devise failed. The 3 have given been apprehended and are tentative extradition.

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