Former Rockville Mayor Krasnow To Enter Democratic Primary for County Executive

If elected, she would be initial lady to occupy post given it was combined 50 years ago

Rose Krasnow

Rose Krasnow


Former Rockville Mayor Rose Krasnow will enter a 2018 Democratic primary for county executive this week, putting her in row to spin a initial lady inaugurated to a post given it was combined 5 decades ago.

Krasnow, who told Bethesda Beat in late Sep that she was severely deliberation running, skeleton to rigourously announce her candidacy Thursday. She will join a Democratic margin that already includes at-large Council members Marc Elrich and George Leventhal, District 1 Council member Roger Berliner, and state Del. Bill Frick, D-Bethesda.

Businessman David Blair is also approaching to join a Democratic competition in a entrance days.

Krasnow, 66, binds a master’s grade in civic and informal formulation and served as Rockville mayor from 1995 until 2001, after 4 years on a city council. In 2004, she went to work for a Montgomery County Planning Department, and has been a emissary executive given 2013—a post from that she skeleton to renounce as of Dec. 31.

“Because we frequently seem in front of a [County Council], and 3 of a legislature members are also candidates, we cruise it creates clarity to step aside,” she pronounced in write talk Sunday evening.

Krasnow has set adult a open financing cabinet with a Maryland Board of Elections as a preface to drumming into a county’s new open debate financing system. A claimant for county executive who agrees to lift supports in donations of no some-more than $150 every can validate for adult to $750,000 in open subsidies.

Krasnow joins Elrich and Leventhal—as good as profession Robin Ficker, a usually Republican in a race—in opting for a open funding. Berliner and Frick are relying on private contributions. Blair has indicated his candidacy will be underwritten by a multiple of self-funding and private donations.

“A lot of people pronounced to me that I’m going to need some-more income than we can lift regulating open financing,” Krasnow said. “I wish that’s not true, given we unequivocally wish this to be a debate that appeals to people opposite a mercantile spectrum.”

She added: “I unequivocally do cruise that open financing gives people an event to run who don’t indispensably know a lot of abounding people. And we unequivocally feel I’m going to be a claimant who reaches out to not usually a movers and shakers, though a lot of a communities in a county who aren’t always listened from.”

In further to her station as a usually lady in a contest, Krasnow, a Rockville proprietor for 37 years, is approaching to prominence her station as a usually “upcounty” proprietor in a Democratic race. Both Elrich and Leventhal are from Takoma Park. Berliner resides in North Bethesda, Frick in Bethesda, and Blair in Potomac.

If she is nominated in a Jun 26 primary, Krasnow would spin usually a second lady to win a assignment of a vital celebration for Montgomery County executive.

In 1974, then-County Council member Idamae Garrott of Silver Spring won a Democratic nomination, though mislaid to a obligatory executive, James Gleason, who was seeking a second term. Gleason, essentially inaugurated in 1970, was a initial of 6 men—and a usually Republican—elected to a post over a past half-century.

Krasnow indicated that a appearance of a Trump administration progressing this year played a purpose in her determining to run.

“While I’m not regulating given I’m a woman, we did attend in a Women’s Mar in January, and we unequivocally felt during that time that we could possibly yield into a hole or we could do something to try and urge a world. To me, regulating for this position is one approach we can try and urge a county,” pronounced Krasnow, a boss of Montgomery Women, an classification that encourages women to pursue inaugurated bureau and other care roles.

Krasnow has picked adult a publicity of County Council member Nancy Floreen. Floreen is withdrawal a legislature after 4 terms as a outcome of final year’s tenure boundary referendum.

Floreen, a initial legislature member to take sides in a executive competition outward of a 3 who are candidates, praised Krasnow in a phone talk as a “straight shooter” who “doesn’t lift any punches.”

She added: “She has a prolonged story of village activism. She grew adult in a cauldron of a polite rights transformation in Memphis.” Noting Krasnow’s credentials on Wall Street as a bond merchant before relocating to a Washington area, Floreen added, “She has a extensive managerial and financial background.”

Krasnow is touting her knowledge as a mayor to compute herself from a other possibilities now in a field, whose credentials has been essentially legislative.

“I unequivocally feel a margin indispensable someone with executive experience,” she said.

In a criticism that seemed directed during Berliner, Elrich and Leventhal, who opted to run for executive after being forced out of their stream positions by tenure limits, Krasnow said: “To me, a tenure boundary vote, that was a warn in that it upheld so decisively, pronounced to me that a people of this county are looking for new leadership.”

She added: “I feel we unequivocally have a advantage of being both an insider and an alien given we know this county from finish to end. we worked within it extensively over a final 13 years I’ve been during a Planning Department. At a same time, we haven’t been in inaugurated bureau given we was a mayor, and unequivocally feel that we move a new voice.”

Based on her initial comments as a candidate, Krasnow seems expected to try to strike a change between a county’s core of on-going activists, who tend to spin out in vast numbers in Democratic primaries, and a business community.

“I don’t know how anybody lives on a stream smallest salary in a county,” pronounced Krasnow, adding that she supports proposals to eventually lift a hourly smallest to $15. “But, during a same time, my worry is that, if we pass a smallest salary check … people finish adult losing their jobs [and] it discourages businesses from locating here.”

Krasnow pronounced timid County Executive Ike Leggett was scold progressing this year in vetoing a check to lift a smallest salary to $15 an hour by 2020. She indicated support for a successive idea by Leggett to proviso in a new rate for those with 50 of some-more employees by 2022, with smaller employers carrying until 2024.

The legislature is scheduled to take adult a $15 smallest salary emanate again Tuesday. Krasnow’s position puts her during contingency with Elrich who, corroborated by a series of on-going groups, is pulling for doing report faster than a one advocated by Leggett.

Discussing mercantile policy, Krasnow pronounced that a County Council, in voting for a 9 percent normal skill taxation boost in 2016, “didn’t unequivocally have a whole lot of choice … if we wanted to yield a same turn of services we’re famous for.”

But she called it “unsustainable” to order increases of this scale in a future, adding, “We usually can’t keep lifting taxes. we cruise myself a numbers person, and we unequivocally wish to demeanour closely during a bill to see if there are other ways that we can be some-more fiscally responsible.”

A vital regard is that Montgomery County “is still noticed as unequivocally antipathetic to business,” Krasnow said. “I’m anxious that we were means to keep Marriott, though a conduct of Nestle lives in Montgomery County and didn’t even cruise it for their headquarters, that is located in northern Virginia.

“We’re unequivocally concerned in a high-tech universe and we unequivocally should be means to move some-more companies here, though we’re usually not noticed as a business accessible county, so I’m unequivocally fervent to work with a business village to figure out what we can do to make a county some-more attractive.”

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