Four of a Biggest Tech Giants Teamed Up to Make Moving Your Data Around Less Painful

Image: Data Transfer Project

Thanks to a arise of cloud storage, there’s a clearly unconstrained series of ways to save photos, music, documents, or anything else offsite. Unfortunately, if we ever wish to send that information from one use to another, a routine can be utterly tedious, as you’ll substantially be forced to download all and afterwards manually re-upload all those files to a new home in someone else’s server farm.

In an bid to facilitate and streamline a routine of relocating your information around, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook have teamed adult to emanate a Data Transfer Project, an open-source information portability height designed to make relocating all your changed files a small reduction painful.


While a DTP is still a work in swell and according to a website “is not utterly prepared for everybody to use yet,” formula for relocating your information around is accessible on GitHub and can be used to send information between several vital storage providers, including a large 4 above along with Flickr, SmugMug, Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), and Remember a Milk.

However, to get things operative right now, you’re going to have to be some-more than a small tech savvy. You’ll need to obtain your possess API keys from a services we wish to use, and also get DTP’s demo server using locally on your machine.

But once DTP is fleshed out some more, it could make relocating your information easier by enabling we to send encrypted files directly from something like Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive though wanting to download them to your phone or mechanism first.


Currently, there are existent services like Google Takeout and others that let we download your information from one company, and interjection to GDPR, Europe now requires all online storage services to yield collection that concede users to download their data. But that’s unequivocally usually half a battle.

Going forward, according to remarks done to a Verge by Google Takeout lead Greg Fair, a genuine plea for DTP will be removing adequate of a other cloud storage organizations to join in. “In a prolonged term, we wish there to be a consortium of attention leaders, consumer groups, supervision groups, though until we have a reasonable vicious mass, it’s not an engaging conversation,” pronounced Fair.

That means to unequivocally make DTP work, a organisation is going to have to find a approach to get other vital players like Amazon, Apple, Dropbox, Mega, and others on board, that could be harder than it competence seem, since by creation it easier to pierce information around, it also creates it easier to embankment one storage provider for another, something that could fast eat into a strange service’s user-base.


This could have some critical implications for smaller storage providers, since if DTP creates it easier to leave, many users might burst boat to one of a tech giants, serve cementing their position during a top. And in light of a EU’s new $5 billion antitrust excellent levied opposite Google, DTP could also be seen as a preemptive pierce to inhibit regulators in a destiny from observation Google Drive as something that creates a cloud storage marketplace reduction competitive.

While a Data Transfer Project sounds like a plain thought for consumers, there’s still a lot that needs to occur before it can broach on a guarantee of simply relocating your cloud information around as we please.

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