Gadget review: Samsung Galaxy S8

Loading Samsung's S8 is a longer, sleeker indication than a S7.

What is it? Samsung’s latest phone, a Galaxy S8, is a initial to emerge given final year’s annoying play over a Note 7, that was private totally after a batteries of several phones held fire. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened to a S8, and a rollout has been well-spoken and uneventful. As for a phone? I’m happy to news that it has fast usurped a S7 and turn an essential life tool.

What does it do? A lot some-more than my aged S7. The Galaxy is longer and sleeker for starters, definition we can squeeze distant some-more apps onto your homepage. we have 24 on one page. The S8 and S8+ also come with a 5.8- or 6.2-inch “infinity display” and winding screen, giving it a mini-tablet feel. we also adore a facial approval confidence feature, that unlocks your phone only by scanning your face. And a longer face creates scrolling by news sites and amicable media apps distant some-more enjoyable.


What are a best features? The screen, for one. It’s been upgraded with 1440×2960 fortitude able of personification HDR content. In layman’s terms, Instagram and Netflix are only ridiculous. Samsung’s also private a front face button, and changed a fingerprint scanner to a behind of a phone. Those changes take a bit of removing used to, though make sum sense. As for a cameras and a battery, they’re about a same. Both models have 64GB of storage and 4Mb of RAM. And, like a S7, a S8 and S8+ sojourn H2O resistent.

Any downsides? Because a S8+ is so most longer, I’ve found we have to mislay it from my slot before we travel adult stairs or it jabs into my leg. And a winding edges means it can slip out of pockets approach too easily. If we see me fumbling around underneath my automobile seat, I’m not sport for coins, I’m looking for my phone. As for Bixby, Samsung’s response to Siri, I’m still sitting on a fence.

Okay, so how most is it? Samsung’s new phone comes in 3 colours: midnight black, orchid grey and maple gold.The S8 retails for $1299, while a S8+ comes in during $1499. For that implausible screen, it’s value a additional spend.

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