Galaxy Note 9 Leak ‘Confirms’ Samsung’s Nasty Surprise

The Galaxy Note 9 is not a smartphone we were expecting. Samsung will increase a size, yield a massive storage boost and second camera upgrade. But a headline underline is toast and now there’s bad news about a design… 

The source is a ever-prolific, ever-mysterious Ice Universe. Posting 3 new images, a leaker who formerly broke a Galaxy Note 8, scooped a initial Galaxy S8 real universe photos and dissected a Galaxy S9 showed a Galaxy Note 9 will not win fans over on a looks.

Galaxy Note 9 judgment was too ambitious 

In a corresponding comparison, Ice Universe exposes “the genuine Note9” settlement and it has taken no conspicuous step brazen from a Galaxy Note 8. In fact, it’s roughly matching solely for a aforementioned lengthened front camera that we exclusively suggested final month.

Perhaps a many frustrating aspect of this news is Ice Universe has formerly unprotected what Samsung can achieve yet claims a association motionless to “save production costs” instead.

Galaxy Note 9 – a intensity and a reality

Yes, Samsung has already finished a last notation change to a Galaxy Note 9 yet that was teenager and already caused a release date delay.

So I’d disagree there is no possibility a association will now U-turn and give us something some-more radical during this late stage, even if it has a capability. This also follows a settlement given a Galaxy S9 was a similarly iterative advance over a Galaxy S8, yet we think many will see this simply as Samsung repeating a same mistake.

If there’s some satisfaction to this news, it is twofold.

Firstly, Samsung has expected still finished enough to make a Galaxy Note 9 a plain (if unspectacular) upgrade. And secondly, if we do confirm to skip this phone we won’t have to wait prolonged for Samsung to betray a significantly some-more desirous models


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