Galaxy Note 9 Leak Exposes Samsung’s Massive Upgrade

Finally, some good news. Following weeks of leaks that delivered poignant blows to Galaxy Note 9 expectations, one of a industry’s best insiders has a large ascent entrance to Samsung’s new smartphone… 

The ever-mysterious nonetheless consistently accurate Ice Universe, says Samsung has skeleton to double a Galaxy Note 9’s storage to a large 512GB while also pulling a RAM to 8GB. Both would be firsts for Samsung’s Galaxy ranges.

Galaxy Note 9 judgment was too ambitious

Furthermore, it is value observant that a Galaxy Note 9 will keep a microSD container (compatible with adult to 512GB) that means this could be a world’s initial mass-market 1TB-capable smartphone. Given a recently expelled Galaxy S9 also usually has 4GB of RAM (the Plus various has 6GB), a burst to 8GB would broach bragging rights as well.

But there’s one problem.

Ice Universe reveals both moves will occur “If we are lucky” aka Samsung is operative on providing them, though has nonetheless to entirely dedicate forward of a Galaxy Note 9’s early release.

How most should we review into this? Given Ice Universe’s lane record, a lot. Previously a leaker broke a Galaxy Note 8 design, suggested a initial real-world photos of a Galaxy S8 and supposing every singular specification of a Galaxy S9. So let’s wish we “are lucky”.

Galaxy Note 9 – a intensity and a reality

If a misfortune happens, however, and Samsung does continue a new Galaxy Note 9 item stripping (with only minimal upsides) we won’t have to wait prolonged to see a association behind to a best. The Galaxy S10 will be a radical 10th-anniversary upgrade with a identical early release. And right after that, Samsung will launch something even some-more exciting

So reason in there.


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