Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Android Pie refurbish rolling out in Australia and France

Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

Android 9 Pie refurbish for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus was first released final month, with a rollout starting off in Europe and solemnly spreading to Asian countries.

Today, a Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Pie refurbish has arrived in Australia, both for a unlocked and conduit variants of a duo. Users of a span on Vodafone Australia and Optus Australia have started receiving a refurbish and even nonetheless Telstra has nonetheless to make a mark, it should join a celebration flattering soon.

We knew this refurbish was entrance after Vodafone Australia updated a central program page to simulate that a rollout would start soon. Optus had also done a skeleton transparent a week earlier, so it’s good to see a carriers adhering to their promises.


Both conduit and unbarred variants of a S8 and S8 Plus are on a receiving finish of a identical firmware chronicle with build series DSBA. The refurbish not usually brings about a new One UI, though it also installs February 2019 confidence rags to a pair.

Also receiving a refurbish to Pie on a S8 and S8 Plus are those in France. As forked out earlier, Europe got a curtsy forward of a rest several weeks ago, though it seems France is late to a party. On a brighter side, a new One UI refurbish has a latest confidence patch for March 2019, that should clear a delay.


With this in mind, a units of a S8 twin in France are receiving a opposite firmware with build series DSBF, though like a rest in this post, a refurbish is heavy, that requires a fast Wi-Fi tie to successfully download but any vital interruptions.


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