Galaxy S8 news as Samsung announces nonetheless another large refurbish to the flagship smartphone

Samsung’s + now comes in a new Rose Pink colour scheme.

Rumours had been abundant that a Korean tech hulk was and now a news is official.

Revealing all in a blog post, Samsung says a new colour will go on sale in some markets from today.

The Rose Pink S8+ will start nearing in stores in South Korea and Taiwan initial with other countries approaching to follow in a entrance months.

There’s no word if a customary S8 will also get this new colour scheme.

Speaking about a new device Samsung says a Rose Pink has been, “inspired by nature, a new paint envelops a device, formulating a clarity of togetherness and fluidity between a potion and steel of a phone’s body. 

“The Rose Pink colour itself is concurrently worldly and modern, adding to a altogether aesthetics of a device, heightening a abyss of the design.”

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