Galaxy S8 Oreo roll-out proves a biggest problem with Android

Android is a unusual handling system.

The open-source program allows users an rare turn of customisation, system-level support for third-party apps, and low ties with Google Assistant – simply a many efficient intelligent partner on a marketplace right now.

However, when it comes to updates, Android is a genuine mess.

As it stands, the latest chronicle of Android usually runs on a small 1.1per cent of all Android hardware worldwide, with 2016’s Android Nougat powering 28.5 per cent, and 2015’s Android Marshmallow during 28.1per cent.

Every year, Google executives will take to a theatre during a company’s annual developer discussion and betray a latest iteration of Android.

The group behind a latest innovations will proudly plead a new features, pattern tweaks, and confidence improvements entrance to a mobile handling system.

The new chronicle of Android – fundamentally named after a renouned dessert or break – will roll-out to Google Pixel and Nexus-branded in a summer.

And afterwards third-party device manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, OnePlus and LG will drag their feet bringing a new handling complement to their latest smartphones – adding their possess features, tweaks and user interface designs.

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