Galaxy S8 rival? Samsung looks set to exhibit many radical smartphone ever

According to a latest whispers, a .

It looks like a South Korean record association will follow a likes of Apple, Google, Motorola, and HTC, and embankment a concept headphone port.

It’s misleading because a 3.5mm port, that was enclosed in a Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, is now unfailing for a scrapheap – though Galaxy fans aren’t happy about a latest rumour.

Fans have taken to amicable media to voice their distrurbance about a decision.

One user posted to Twitter: “@Samsung this whole ‘Galaxy S9 has no headphone jack’ thing improved be BS.”

“Google Pixel 2: no headphone jack. Xiaomi MI Mix 2: no headphone jack. a LG G6 has one though we urge that a Galaxy S9 won’t follow that trend,” another added.

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