Galaxy S8: Samsung users protest of SMS messages that destroy to arrive

Users of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphones opposite a US, Australasia and Europe are angry about SMS messages that clearly destroy to arrive.

The issue, that appears to impact users on all 4 US vital mobile phone networks as good as in Canada, Australia, France and a UK, causes few problems with simple content messages. A certain suit of SMS messages seem not to be perceived by a Galaxy S8. No warning is sent, withdrawal users oblivious.

The Guardian can endorse that a emanate exists with a Galaxy S8 on during slightest dual mobile networks, blank around one in 5 SMS messages including two-factor authentication codes. The problem is relieved by inserting a sim label into another code of smartphone, definition that a emanate appears to be with a Samsung smartphone rather than a mobile operator.

Users have taken to several forums, criticism threads and Reddit to protest of a issue.

In a vast thread on a Galaxy S8 subreddit, one user called Ep260 said: “Oh wow, we overtly suspicion it was usually my mom’s ancient flip phone not promulgation messages. Turns out it indeed was my recent smartphone.”

Another user called Culby said: “Ahhh. we missed some critical work texts progressing in a week that resulted in me boring my donkey into a bureau 3 hours early, usually to find out that we didn’t have to.”

“I know we have missed a couple. Textra on Bell network in Ontario, Canada,” said Londave indicating a emanate is not singular to a US.

“S8+ Orange France. we skip also texts, it is pointless though,” pronounced Masteryoan, while Aquie5t added: “I’m in Australia on Optus and we have had a problem as well. Using both Android Messages and a batch Samsung Messages.”

The emanate also doesn’t seem singular to a Galaxy S8, as during slightest one user called Turbomuffler said: “I’m blank a few messages too. Galaxy S7 Edge, Android Messages app, ATT. It caused me to expostulate an hour out of my approach to an eventuality that was cancelled around a content that we didn’t accept :(.“

In a UK alone, 96bn content messages were sent in 2016, according to information from regulator Ofcom. However, SMS use is in decline, down 5.5% in 2016 year-on-year and down from a rise of 151bn in 2012, interjection to “over-the-top” messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. But many services, including those such as Facebook and WhatsApp that use SMS for two-factor authentication rest on a decades-old service, definition Samsung users could get sealed out of accounts if a Galaxy S8 and others are blank content messages.

A correct for a problems has nonetheless to be suggested. Samsung did not respond to a ask for comment.

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