Galaxy S8 Teardown Reveals Samsung Scrapped Major New Feature

A new video reveals Samsung competence have had bigger skeleton for a Galaxy S8 front camera than we had formerly thought.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 Front Camera May Hold a Hidden Secret

The YouTube video posted by JerryRigEverything, shows a minute teardown of a Galaxy S8 and, skipping to around a 3:50min mark, reveals what appears to be a beginnings of an Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) complement built into a front camera – a underline that sadly didn’t make it to a final chronicle of a smartphone.

The video demonstrates that a front camera sensor is means to pierce around inside a housing in most a same approach as a back camera sensor, that does have OIS. It’s this transformation on a back camera procedure that allows it to negate camera shake and brace a image. Similar leisure of transformation in a front camera public could, therefore, be demonstrative of a intensity OIS complement for selfies.

As a video shows, a front camera lens sensor offers most reduction leisure of transformation than a back one, that suggests to me that even if OIS were to have been planned, it wouldn’t have been adult to a same customary as that of a back camera.

Optical picture stabilisation is potentially a really large understanding in a smartphone camera, as it can move large improvements to photography, not only when producing well-spoken video, though also in combating camera shake when holding stills, enabling a camera to take longer exposures that urge peculiarity generally in low light situations.

Adding OIS to a front camera could give a good peculiarity boost to selfies where peep is mostly unavailable.

If this does infer to be justification of a front-facing OIS system, it could bode good for destiny Samsung handsets.

Previous leaks suggested that a Galaxy S8 competence have creatively been due to accept a dual back camera, a underline that now looks likely to appear in a stirring Galaxy Note 8. Perhaps this latest explanation is an indicator that front camera OIS competence also make it into a Note 8 after this year shortly before a launch Apple’s most expected 10th anniversary iPhone.

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