Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S9 – New Samsung phone could have this MASSIVE advantage

Samsung are bustling right now prepping a Galaxy S9, their follow-up to critically lauded and hugely renouned Galaxy S8 family of smartphones.

It’s believed that a South Korean tech hulk will use a Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Feb 2018 to launch a Galaxy S9 and a S9+.

Both smartphones are sloping to have a dual-curved display, like a Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ before them. 

The Galaxy S9 is also approaching to underline a twin camera set-up, that Samsung initial debuted with a Note 8.

But there is one new underline that will give a Galaxy S9 and S9+ an advantage over any other Android smartphone out there.

It’s believed a Samsung Galaxy S9 family of gadgets will be a initial to underline Qualcomm’s soon-to-be-announced SnapDragon 845 processor.

The 845 is approaching to broach a opening alleviation of adult to 25 per cent over a stream 835.

Forbes reported that a Galaxy S9 and S9+ could also have a Adreno 630 GPU.

Samsung are believed to have a struck adult a understanding with Qualcomm that will give a Galaxy S9 a duration of exclusivity for a SnapDragon 845 processor.

So, in a initial half of a year – a Galaxy S9 will be a usually device to underline a 845.

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