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When it debuts during a finish of this month, a Galaxy S9 looks like it will broach some-more modernized cameras, a some-more absolute and fit processor… and utterly a cost tag. While Samsung hasn’t suggested any central sum about a subsequent smartphone, other than  it has a launch eventuality designed for Feb. 25, rumors surrounding a S9 advise a cost travel is in a works.

Left Credit: Evan Blass; Right Credit: Tom's GuideLeft Credit: Evan Blass; Right Credit: Tom’s GuideSpecifically, a Galaxy S9 could cost as many as $100 some-more than a predecessor, according to a Tech Radar report. That would meant you’d need $850 to get your hands on Samsung’s latest and greatest.

But we don’t indispensably have to renounce yourself to spending a outrageous cube of money usually to get a high-end flagship phone. There’s a ideally absolute smartphone on a marketplace right now, and it’s approaching to see a large cost cut in a entrance weeks.

That would be a Galaxy S8, a indication that a arriving S9 is looking to brush aside.

It competence seem counterproductive to open for final year’s phone when a S9 promises softened specs, quite when it comes to a device’s cameras. But a S8 is a flattering challenging phone in a possess right, as it was a top-ranked smartphone for many of 2017. And  soon, you’ll be means to buy one for a lot reduction than we would have had to compensate usually a few weeks ago.

Here’s a closer demeanour during what we can design to save should we opt for a Galaxy S8 over a newer S9, along with what you’re potentially giving adult in sell for a reduce cost tag.

Galaxy S8 Pricing: Going Down

No one can contend with any certainty usually how many a Galaxy S8 will cost once a S9 creates a debut. But if past pricing for prior product launches is any indicator, that S8 cost could be slashed in a hurry.

In general, phone prices tend to dump by 15 percent over 12 months.

That’s what happened a year ago when a Galaxy S8 debuted, and a Galaxy S7 unexpected became reduction of a prohibited commodity, according to Lindsay Sakraida, executive of calm selling with understanding find use DealNews. “Last year, after a S8 was announced, we found deals on a unbarred 32G S7 for as low as $380, that was $370 off list price,” Sakraida told Tom’s Guide. “We also saw a 128GB chronicle for $570. So before a [S8] was accessible in stores, we usually saw discounts on a unbarred S7.”

That altered once a S8 launched in Apr 2017. By then, Sakraida added, wireless carriers were slicing a monthly remuneration for S7s bought on installment plans. The S7, that had a entrance cost of $670, fell to about $575 to $600 in a months after a S8’s release, according to DealNews’ figures. These days, we can find a S7 accessible for $449 on Amazon.

Price-tracking site CamelCamelCamel backs adult that data, display a cost on a Galaxy S7 from third-party sellers taking a conspicuous dip (see below) in a open of 2017, as a S8 strike a market. Prices for even comparison models like a Galaxy S6 follow a identical trend.

In general, phone prices tend to dump by 15 percent over 12 months, pronounced Christine Gallup, associate editor during cellphone comparison site Whistleout.

The S7’s cost dump when a S8 came out competence have been something of an outlier, DealNews’ Sakraida warned. “The S7 was a excellent phone, though for many shoppers, it was mired a bit by a Note 7 fiasco, so it’s probable a S7 was some-more aggressively ignored than a S8 will be when a S9 is announced,” she added.

Still, demeanour for discounts on a unbarred S8 in a issue of a S9’s announcement, according to Sakraida, with reduce monthly payments on a comparison phone entrance from carriers once a S9 starts shipping.

What You’re Giving Up

So you’re removing a reduction costly phone if we opt for a Galaxy S8 over a newer S9 — potentially $200 cheaper depending on what Samsung charges for a S9 and how high a discounts are on a S8. What facilities are we sacrificing in a name of reduce costs?

Samsung S8. Credit: Tom's GuideSamsung S8. Credit: Tom’s GuideGoing by Samsung’s possess invitation for a Feb. 25 event, that promises a reimagined camera, we can design a biggest enhancements to concentration on photography. The Galaxy S9 will reportedly underline a 12-megapixel back shooter with an tractable aperture: in low-light settings, a orifice will dilate to f/1.5, while it can also slight to f/2.4 to constraint some-more fact on wide-angle shots. The S9 is approaching to still underline a singular back camera, with twin lenses headed to a incomparable (and some-more expensive) Galaxy S9+.

The purported leaked print samples for a Galaxy S9 demeanour flattering impressive, and Samsung has expelled some videos that provoke a camera’s softened performance.

“I really cruise people should cruise a S8 once a S9 becomes available, generally given a carriers will offer cost deals.” — Christine Gallup, WhistleOut

It’s all though certain that a Galaxy S9 will be powered by a new Snapdragon 845 mobile estimate height from Qualcomm. We’ve benchmarked a Snapdragon 845, that will really offer some-more oomph than a Snapdragon 835 inside a Galaxy S8. It also scores improved on graphics tests, and — maybe many critical — it’s some-more energy-efficient, that will assistance a S9 urge on a S8’s battery life.

Unofficial Galaxy S9 image. Credit: Evan Blass/TwitterUnofficial Galaxy S9 image. Credit: Evan Blass/TwitterFinally, a Galaxy S9 will run a latest chronicle of Android. While Android Oreo has been accessible given final fall, it still hasn’t found a approach to a Galaxy S8, with Samsung reportedly pulling a beta of a refurbish designed for a  flagships.

But with a S9 approaching to impersonate a demeanour of a Galaxy S8 right down to a extra-wide Infinity Display, is that adequate to compensate adult for a new phone? Whistleout’s Gallup isn’t so sure.

“I really cruise people should cruise a S8 once a S9 becomes available, generally given a carriers will offer cost deals, and there doesn’t seem to be many disproportion between a dual models,” she said.

While people who wish a latest in camera record competence find a S9’s betrothed changes too overwhelming to pass up, a cameras on a S8 still furnish peculiarity shots. The iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 outperform a S8 in camera face-offs we’ve conducted, though that doesn’t change a fact that a S8 stays one of a improved Android camera phones, even a year after a initial release.

The S9 will positively outperform a S8, not usually since of a Snapdragon 845 processor though also since Samsung will reportedly container 6GB of RAM into a new phone. Still, a Snapdragon 835 stays a top-performing processor that can some-more than hoop whatever we chuck during it.

Consider also that there’s already a healthy appendage marketplace for a Galaxy S8, while there competence be some loiter before box makers and others can run out new offerings for Samsung’s latest phone. Even a DeX Pad, a rumored appendage for Samsung designed to spin your phone into a mobile PC, is approaching to be backward-compatible with comparison phones like a S8.

Bottom Line

Whether to pass adult a new flagship phone in preference of final year’s indication depends a lot on what facilities we value. If we rest on your smartphone to constraint a lot of pictures, a Galaxy S9’s rumored improvements competence be value a additional cost. Also cruise how prolonged you’re formulation on holding on to your subsequent phone. While a S8 can reason adult to many apps now, that competence not be a box in 18 months, as updated versions of Android arrive and app makers pull out some-more processor-intensive offerings.

Still, formed on a rumored specs and facilities for Samsung’s subsequent phone, a S9 doesn’t sound like a radical depart from final year’s large update. If we can live but some of a betrothed bells and whistles, a stream Galaxy S8 should be some-more than adequate phone to accommodate your needs — generally with cost cuts looming.

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