Gaming Tech Review – Bittboy Mini-NES “300 Games in 1”

Villordsutch reviews a Bittboy Mini-NES “300 Games in 1″…

Recently we was given a possibility to try out a Bittboy, a palm-sized device that sings behind to a classical days of a Nintendo GameBoy.  As a fan of all things 8-bit or reduction (on occasion) we wanted to see what a device that claims to squeeze adult to 300 games inside a small shell, including classics like Super Mario and Double Dragon, can achieve.


Arriving in box that again harks behind to a Super Famicon days, this micro device appears with zero some-more that an smiling cosmetic cover, a USB assign wire and AV Leads to bond it to a television.  There is also a battery included, yet with usually a teenager assign a initial step is to putting some extract into a device before it can be scrupulously booted up.

Once entirely charged, that took an hour if that, we managed to get only over dual hours plain play from a Bittboy before we beheld a sound began to distort, this was my initial pointer to contend a battery needs to go behind on charge.  Though this was dual hours of plain play, not damaged as we see a Bittboy will be truthfully used for.

bittboy flickering parable villordsutch

The library does embody a sum of 300 games.  That most is true, yet in among a standout titles that includes Super Mario Bros 3, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Double Dragon, Dig Dug and 1942 you’ll also come opposite and series of games that are apocalyptic such as Mario 18, Small Dinosaur and Muscle.  There might be a substantial volume of wheat inside this device, yet a creators of a Bittboy positively done certain a deride bulked it out.

It’s a reduce titles that disappoint, we – in law – would have elite (aprx.) 186 in 1, if it meant stealing 114 pieces of nonsense that we didn’t have to corkscrew through.  This is a beguiling machine, yet you’ll feel somewhat irritated when we bucket adult Angry Birds 2, and we have to reset a appurtenance meaningful you’ve only squandered profitable battery time looking for Excitebike.

Another disastrous that we privately picked adult on is due to a distance of a screen, all becomes most smaller.  This does impact a cluster of titles; those that bucket adult Super Mario Bros. will see it true divided as a favourite – in his pre-mushroom proviso – becomes small some-more that a cluster of pixels.  Though in other games, with incomparable sprites you’ll not notice this as most – for instance RoboCop is clearly Murphy in his glossy suit; it’s only a contrition that this diversion isn’t translated into English on this device!

However, a Bittboy is a good small machine.  It has only a right volume of weight so we don’t feel like you’ve bought skinny air, it’s easy to store divided (it fits into a shirt pocket), it feels good built yet a over-abundance SD Card hole is puzzling.  It is a good retrogaming device to own, generally if you’re creation a brief tour and we don’t imagination holding your classical inclination out on your travels.

The Bittboy is positively something to collect adult if we have a income to spend.  It won’t reinstate your stream collection, yet it’ll positively concede we to take your retrogaming outward but deleterious your precious pieces.

The Bittboy is accessible to buy now from their website here


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