‘Gas Station Encounters’ YouTube channel shames shoplifters with humorous videos – WGN

CLEVELAND — When a gas hire clerk got sleepy of people hidden with no consequences, he had an surprising thought to reason them accountable.

He combined “Gas Station Encounters,” a YouTube channel that uses notice footage from a preference store to contrition shoplifters and perform a public.

Local military have not helped a gas hire stop shoplifters, according to a clerk, so he motionless to make a footage open online. A local TV station in Cleveland spoke with a clerk, who asked to be identified usually as Brandon.

“A lot of people will straight-up distortion to you,” he said.

Brandon edited videos with fun music, stupid sound effects and impertinent narration. The videos been noticed millions of times, and a channel has gained some-more than 453,000 subscribers.

To perspective some “Gas Station Encounters,” click here.

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