Get Google’s Pixel 2 for $100 reduction on iPhone X day

Happy iPhone X preorder day!

If you’re an Android user that doesn’t meant much. But, propitious for you, if we were eyeing an Android flagship, Best Buy is still charity a $100 assets on a Google Pixel 2 (the Pixel 2 XL isn’t partial of a deal). The sale is singular to all colors and capacities of a Verizon Pixel 2, and requires a dual year contract.

While a reduced cost has been available for weeks, currently seemed like a good day to remind people that they can buy two Pixel 2 phones for about a same cost of a singular iPhone X (which starts during $999).

For a 64GB indication it’s $22.91 a month for 2 years, rather than a unchanging $27.08, that saves we $4.17 any month for a life of a contract. So you’ll be profitable $550 for your device instead of $650. If we cite a incomparable storage option, a Pixel 2 with 128GB is $27.08 per month, down from $31.25. It’s critical to note though, that if we buy a device undisguised we won’t get a discount.

The Google Pixel XL has had issues with a LG display, including murky color, grainy textures, and what seemed to be shade burn-in, though a smaller kin with a Samsung-produced OLED arrangement is still a good device. And Google is also now offering a dual year guaranty on both versions of a device in box you’re worried.

Update Oct 27th, 5:41 AM ET: Post mutated to make transparent that a offer has been accessible for weeks.

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