Get Your Free MP3 Download of Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ — On Google Maps

Why is a pirated MP3 of Taylor Swift’s latest manuscript located in Germany?  Welcome to a latest trend in song piracy: Google Maps.

It didn’t take a talent to figure out that Taylor Swift’s latest manuscript would face increasing piracy.  But it took an immorality talent to start stealing giveaway MP3s of a manuscript on Google Maps.

Accordingly, copies of a album, Reputation, are removing sparse opposite a practical globe.

Swift singular a recover of Reputation to CDs and downloads — during slightest for a initial week — thereby boosting direct for giveaway MP3s and unlawful streams.  But Taylor’s group is positively combatting bootleg torrenting and other bandit channels, all of that is forcing pirates to get a bit some-more creative.

So here’s how this small mapping pretence works.  The Google Map hide boosts a manuscript prominence within Google Search.  All of that boosts prominence to a couple posted to Google Maps.  Any questions?

In this case, a Google Map couple goes to, that offers a tranche of renouned albums and MP3s.

This sold couple has already been noticed some-more than 13,000 times, according to Google’s count.  We’re not certain how many people have clicked a link, though clickthrough ratios are substantially high given a vigilant of users alighting on this page. gets about a million pageviews a month, according to SimilarWeb.

This Google Map loophole will substantially be close down by a time we review this article.  But until Google shuts down this loophole for good, Taylor’s tag will substantially be sealed in a resource-consuming diversion of cat-and-mouse.

But it’s not only Google Maps.

Earlier, we found Frank Ocean’s manuscript trading on Google Drive.  The open share existed for days before a uploader got busted.

Speaking of which: it looks like Drive also presents a problem for Swift’s anti-piracy team.  In fact, we found a video on YouTube indicating to Google Drive folder containing a zip for Reputation.

It’s all in a Google family!

Separately, pirated manuscript mp3s are oozing opposite a web, creation this problem unfit to contain.  There was even a Twitter comment dedicated to indicating fans to pirated locations.

The Twitter trade control was close down for abuse this morning, though highlights a impassioned problems that artists face when attempting to shorten content.



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