Google Accidentally Reveals Expensive Pixel 3 Design

For me, a Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are still a world’s best smartphones (and this is why). But a really existence of a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL was in doubt until
slipped adult final month, and now it has again… 

Just like a prior code error in a Android Open Source Project pages, it is some-more preview program in that Google has unwittingly unprotected a Pixel 3 plans: a new Android P open beta.

Google Pixel 3 concept

While all a mainstream coverage has been about Android P’s new gesticulate controls, if we puncture deeper we will find Android P exposes a new Pixel 3 pattern in a user interface. Whereas Android O could uncover 7 standing bar notifications, Android P is singular to only 4 and this can't be altered even yet it leaves a large, clearly wasted, dull space between a time and notifications on a left and connectivity and battery indicators on a right. 

Yes, adore it or hatred it, a Pixel 3 will have a notch.

Could this only be anecdotal? In theory, though there are 3 pivotal factors opposite this.

Firstly, while Android P adds nick support (aka “cutout support”) even when this is infirm a notifications can't fill a rest of a display. Instead, dots (up to a extent of three) are shown to safety space for a notch.  

Android P can't uncover some-more than 4 presentation icons or it spills over into a extent of 3 dots

Secondly, Google has shown with past Android generational betas that they essentially offer as exam beds for next-generation Pixels. For example, Android O pushed a Google hunt bar to a bottom of a home shade while adding an unmovable continue widget to a top. This cost phones a quarrel of icons, though a new Pixels switched to 18:9 elongated displays to move it back.

Thirdly, we was told to watch for a notifications restrictions forward of a Android P betas by a supply sequence source. If we demeanour closely during a 4 idol limit, it doesn’t indeed fit many existent Android phones with tiny notches, such as a Essential, there’s still squandered space. This is Google contrast a Pixel 3 design, not simply tailoring for all Android phones with a notch.

Of course, my (and we think many others) wish is a final chronicle of Android P will support notifications that use a full breadth of a arrangement for smartphones but notches. It wouldn’t make any clarity not to.

But for now, Google needs to concentration on a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The same supply sequence source told me these phones will be each bit as costly as their predecessors, if not more. So if Google skeleton to adult a diversion (and batch levels), it starts to turn transparent because endless contrast in plain steer has already begun…


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