Google ‘actively investigating’ reports of Pixel 2 XL shade burn-in …

Over a weekend, people with examination units of a Pixel 2 XL began saying a problem. No, not a already-known issues of murky tone and grainy textures when beheld in low-light, though one that’s potentially some-more worrisome: shade burn-in. First reported on Twitter by Android Central’s Alex Dobie, mixed people have beheld that when we demeanour during a shade with a gray background, we can see gloomy outlines of a phone’s navigation buttons on a bottom.

You can see it below, and we can endorse I’m saying something identical on my possess examination unit.

Screen burn-in isn’t an odd issue, though it does seem generally worrisome that it’s display adult within a week or so of these units entrance into usage. It’s also probable that what we’re looking during here is picture influence instead of tangible shade burn-in. If that’s a case, afterwards it’s not as permanent. Neither one is good, though “ghosting” goes divided where burn-in might not. Android Central has a good breakdown.

Whatever it is, it’s worrisome, so we reached out to Google for comment, and here’s a response from a orator in full, though apparently compensate courtesy to a second partial some-more than a flushed specs listed in a initial half:

The Pixel 2 XL shade has been designed with an modernized POLED technology, including QHD+ resolution, far-reaching tone gamut, and high contrariety ratio for healthy and pleasing colors and renderings. We put all of a products by endless peculiarity contrast before launch and in a production of each unit. We are actively questioning this report.

If it unequivocally is genuine shade burn-in (and early indications do, in fact, seem to indicate in that direction), it’s a unequivocally large problem. Many screens, generally OLED screens, do start to vaunt burn-in over time. But that time camber is customarily totalled in mixed months or even years, not days or weeks.

We’ll be gripping an eye on a emanate in a entrance days and will refurbish a review of a Pixel 2 XL as is appropriate. Having a apportionment of your shade henceforth injured takes what was a disastrous indicate opposite a phone and turns it into something most closer to a deal-breaker.

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