Google apologizes for YouTube TV outage with a week of giveaway service

Last Tuesday, YouTube and all of a associated services (YouTube Music, YouTube TV) went offline for over an hour. For many of us, it was small some-more than an comical (and somewhat frustrating) spectacle, though all a YouTube TV subscribers who count on a use to watch live radio were adult a rivulet though a paddle.

In sequence to apologize for a incident, Google sent out an email to all YouTube TV subscribers this past weekend with a couple to a form that they could fill out for a week of giveaway service, according to 9to5Google.

“We’re contemptible about a astonishing YouTube TV stop on Oct 16th,” a association said. “We adore a TV as most as we do, and a idea is to make certain that we can entrance your events and shows – whenever and however we want. To assistance make this right, we’d like to give we a week of giveaway service.”

If we wish to take advantage of a offer, you’ll need to fill out a form before Wednesday, Oct 24th during 11:59 PM PT, so don’t delay. If we don’t fill out a form in time, we won’t get your giveaway week of service.

9to5Google points out that this is a third YouTube TV outage of a year so far. The final occurred in July, pound dab in a center of a 2018 World Cup while thousands tuned in to watch Croatia and England play. Google offering adult a giveaway week of use afterwards as well, though though seeking subscribers to fill out a form.

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