Google Assistant can now assistance troubleshoot Pixel 2 phones

Google Assistant can assistance we troubleshoot issues we competence confront on your phone, yet a underline is usually accessible for Pixel 2 users during a moment, according to Android Police. A user using Android Oreo 8.1’s developer preview asked Google Assistant because their phone wasn’t charging fully, and a troubleshooting underline jumped into gear. A battery health check was run and a practical partner also scanned a phone for apps that competence be causing a battery to drain.

Once that was complete, a Assistant displayed an choice to bond a user to Google Support around phone or chat. The complement seems flattering intuitive, a usually teenager emanate was a Assistant didn’t commend a phone series submit when prompted.

Image around Android Police

Google Assistant appears to also be means to run evidence tests on a camera and Bluetooth connectivity. Android Police also remarkable that not all a facilities seem to be operative during a moment, and competence only be disdainful to Pixel 2 users in a US that have a dev preview for Android Oreo. This underline seems flattering helpful, and would be even improved if it wasn’t singular to Pixel 2 devices, so fingers crossed a wider recover is stirring to all inclination using Oreo.

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