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Technically Incorrect offers a somewhat disfigured take on a tech that’s taken over a lives.

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Google wants to share a adore with HomePod.

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Deliveries of Apple’s intelligent speaker, a HomePod, are due to start on Friday.

Despite a new competition, Google’s voice partner wants to make certain a Siri-powered HomePod enters a universe in good spirits 

In a video posted to Twitter by Mac Observer owner Dave Hamilton, Google Assistant is asked what it thinks about a HomePod. 

I would have hoped for something like: “Who’d buy that overpriced, unworthy box? Only a fanboy with a critical self-image problem.”

I was disappointed.

Instead, Google Assistant offering a comfortable welcome: “I’m vehement for Siri to get her unequivocally possess home.”

Wait, where has Siri been vital all this time? Under an overpass in Cupertino, California? In Apple CEO Tim Cook’s gangling room?

“I wish to find her a good housewarming gift,” continued Google Assistant. “Maybe a puppy.” What fun it would be if any time we pronounced “hey, Siri” we could hear a small barking puppy in a background.

Google reliable that this is, indeed, a stream response. Apple didn’t immediately respond to a ask for criticism as to either it appreciated Google’s comfortable feelings.

Of course, even if you’re committed to iOS though would still like to have Google Assistant on your iPhone, this is possible.  

Perhaps you’d like to pronounce to any of them on a unchanging basis, to see how they feel about any other over time.

I only asked Siri what she suspicion of Google’s assistant. 

“I unequivocally couldn’t say, Chris,” she replied. Couldn’t? Or wouldn’t?

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