Google quickly pennyless Amazon’s workaround for YouTube on Fire TV …

Google and Amazon aren’t removing any closer to finale their sour feud. In fact, currently a user-hostile quarrel between them is usually removing worse. YouTube quickly seemed to have blocked a Silk web browser on Fire TV from displaying a TV-optimized interface routinely shown on vast screens. As a result, perplexing to navigate YouTube and watch videos became a usability calamity on Amazon’s renouned streaming products.

We reliable a TV interface wasn’t operative around 5:00PM ET; by around 6PM, a TV interface had returned. Amazon declined to comment; Google didn’t immediately respond to a ask for comment.

While a TV interface was unavailable, YouTube on a Fire TV was fundamentally a desktop mechanism experience. To control it, we had to crop around with a Fire TV remote (not accurately simple), play a video, afterwards click to maximize it to fill a screen. Firefox for Fire TV was blocked from display a TV-optimized view, as well.

This proxy change follows Google’s preference to mislay YouTube from Fire TV altogether late final month, that was a company’s many assertive pierce nonetheless in a ongoing squabble with Amazon. Google has criticized Amazon for refusing to sell a products or build Chromecast support into Prime Video on Android. Amazon began to residence those complaints on Dec 14th by claiming it would revive sales of a Chromecast. Over a month later, Google’s streaming gadgets remain unavailable. (The Apple TV, that had also been kicked off for years, is shipping as promised.) Amazon has given no denote that it intends to sell Google Home, a opposition to a possess Echo intelligent speaker.

A gloomy spark of wish that tensions competence cold between a dual came in Dec when Google pronounced it was holding “productive” talks with Amazon about gripping YouTube around and not holding out this argument on their mutual customers.

Enough already.

Thanks, Bradley Nelson!

Update Jan 22nd, 6:28PM ET: YouTube’s TV interface has returned to a Fire TV. This essay has been updated to simulate that it’s accessible again.

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